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Certified Naturally Grown

What does CNG mean?


NO Synthetic pesticides 

NO Herbicides

NO Fungicides

NO GMO seeds


CNG standards are based on the National Organic Program standards.


Participation in CNG requires a FULL commitment to robust organic practices.

So how do you farm?


We ONLY use natural farming methods such as crop rotation, row covers, composting, & cover crops to maintain soil health and control pests.

So what does this mean for my food?

You can be sure you are bringing home the healthiest, most nutritious, & delicious local produce possible!

  • How is CSA different from farmers markets/grocers?
    CSA members join for the year & make a one-time payment at the beginning of the year to support the farm’s operating costs.
  • What are some benefits of being a CSA member?
    A plentiful share of our farm’s weekly harvest, from about the 1st week of June through Thanksgiving. Access to the Pick-Your-Own garden to gather a fresh bouquet of cut flowers, herbs and other edibles when in season.
  • What is in a share?
    Items in the CSA share vary in quantity and availability from week to week depending on what is in season and what is ready to pick.
  • Will I save money being a CSA member?
    Yes! In 2017, our CSA Family share members received a grand total of 558 lbs. of produce! The total retail market value of this was $1,771.28 - an avg. of $3.17/lb.
  • Are there different kinds of shares available?
    Yes! We offer full shares, single shares, and work shares!
  • How do I get my share?
    Most pickups are at the farm, from our farm stand!
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