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Community Supported Agriculture

We grow a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, all grown here at our farm in Asbury, Warren County, NJ. Members of the CSA sign up for the year with a one-time payment, and then pick up their weekly shares from the farm throughout the season.  CSA pick-ups run from the first week of June through Thanksgiving, for a total of 25 weeks.  Membership also includes access to the Pick-Your-Own garden, providing cut flowers, cherry tomatoes, herbs and more.  We offer 4 different share options including work shares.

Check out a video of a season's share made by one of our CSA members.

CSA Share

Credit/PayPal: Sign up instantly! 

Cash/Check: print form & mail to farm

  • How is CSA different from farmers markets/grocers?
    CSA members join for the year & make a one-time payment at the beginning of the year to support the farm’s operating costs.
  • What are some benefits of being a CSA member?
    A plentiful share of our farm’s weekly harvest, from about the 1st week of June through Thanksgiving. Access to the Pick-Your-Own garden to gather a fresh bouquet of cut flowers, herbs and other edibles when in season.
  • What is in a share?
    Items in the CSA share vary in quantity and availability from week to week depending on what is in season and what is ready to pick.
  • Will I save money being a CSA member?
    Yes! In 2017, our CSA Family share members received a grand total of 558 lbs. of produce! The total retail market value of this was $1,771.28 - an avg. of $3.17/lb.
  • Are there different kinds of shares available?
    Yes! We offer full shares, single shares, and work shares!
  • How do I get my share?
    Most pickups are at the farm, from our farm stand!
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