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Discount on a full share box in exchange for 80 total hours of farm work to be performed between April and November.  Any unworked hours remaining at the end of the season may be paid off at a rate of $12 hour.


Receive a full work share subscription of homegrown produce, for 25 weeks from June - November.  Includes access to the Pick-Your-Own garden.


A full share is estimated to be a good amount of produce for a family of  4 who eat a moderate amount of vegetables, or a single person or couple who eat a lot of vegetables or likes to preserve excess veggies for winter.  Pick-up location is at At Last Farm, 607 Warren Glen Rd, Bloomsbury, NJ, 08804.  We will email you details about the CSA in May.


Included in the price is the transaction fee for an online subscription. To avoid this, you can print a commitment form and mail a check.  The commitment form is available on our website.

Full Work Share

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